Some of the common slang people use for girls

We don’t like it when people use offensive or taunting words for us. If someone does, then we always feel insulting and there is nothing bad as well in that. That also means people should never use any kind of slang words for anyone. But that is not the case and many men and lot of women also use various slang words for girls. These slang words may be insulting or appreciating, but many people use it regularly and I am sharing some of the common slang words that men and women use for various girls.
Leggie girls: Leggie girl is a term for those girls that are hot sexy and have longer legs. The good thing about this word is that mostly people use it only for those girls that are hot and sexy and many men can have attraction for such ebony escorts. So, if someone calls you

a leggy girl, then you should not get mad at him instantly. Instead of that you should appreciate him or thank him considered you like it. And if you don’t, then you have the right to shout or fight.
Ebony girls: The term ebony girls came from the ebony wood which is a dark in its colour. Many men do like girls with dark skin colour. So, we will not say if slang ebony girls are considered as an abuse or an appreciation. But if we talk about the qualities owned by ebony girls, then we will certainly consider that as an appreciation. Also, many men around the world show great attraction toward dark skin girls. So, if we talk about the slang words, then we can call this one also as a good word but equally popular too and lot of men around the world use this word for dark coloured girls. 
Ginger girls: The word ginger girls is used for those girls that have read hairs. I don’t think I need to explain this simple fact that girls with red hair look beautiful and sexy. But still the word or slang ginger is not always a positive word from people. It may vary depending on the situation, girls and other factors. So, if you are a red hair girl and someone call you a ginger, then you should check the expression as well. If you notice expressions are not good, then you should take things accordingly. And if a person is in good mood and call you ginger in an appreciating way, then you can take things accordingly.
Sex Kitten: Without any doubt, this is not a slang that any girl would like to heart. Sex kitten is an offensive word without any doubt and the biggest issue is that many men consider escorts as sex kitten. Here, men do not understand that escorts are not like sex kitten because escorts offer their companionship to men, but they don’t get involved in sex with their clients. So, that is one big reason men should not call escorts as sex kitten and they should never use this word for them in any condition.